Keep the Cost of Health Care Down

FOR: Affordable mental health sessions and resources for all.

FOR: Ohio joins price-fixing lawsuit against generic drug makers

FOR:  U.S. HB 3 could lower patients prescription drug spending by thousands of dollars:

  • Would give Medicare new measures to negotiate with drug companies (250 drugs)
  • Study of 79 prescription drugs found that U.S. prices nearly 4x higher than comparable countries
  • Prices would be no higher than 120% of the average of other industrialized nations with a savings of 53% on Medicaid

The federal legislation is important on a state level as the Ohio Medicaid’s role is one of the largest health care payers in the state making the Ohio Dept of Medicaid, and managed care plans have considerable leverage to encourage and incentivize healthy choices.  However, no comprehensive approach yet exists.

AGAINST: Federal block grants would give a predetermined fixed amount.  In exchange, states would have the ability to limit benefits and drug coverages, charge co-pays, and impose work requirements.

AGAINST:  The U.S. Supreme Court will hear another case attempting to throw out the entire Affordable Care Act, which would do away with protections for preexisting conditions for 53.9 million Americans and just under 2 million Ohioans, eliminate Medicaid expansion for more than 630,000 Ohioans, gravely endanger Ohio’s rural hospitals, roll back no-cost preventative care, bring back lifetime limits on coverage, and stop allowing young adults to stay on their parents’ insurance up to age 26.

In addition to paying attention to physical health, mental health is another issue for Ohioans to address.

Rural parts of Ohio have higher rates of suicide than the rest of the state, according to the Columbus Dispatch, and suicides among young people increased by 56 percent between 2007 and 2018. For more on this:

Suicide among farmers is another area of concern.