I view climate change as a threat to the health and environment and will work alongside organizations such as the Ohio Environmental Council, which works to mitigate the causes and impacts of a changing climate; including working to ensure our democratic institutions are set up to facilitate bold action.

Here are a couple of the environmental issues I’m dedicated to working on:

(July 23, 2019) Ohio EPA granted Buckeye Biogas (subsidiary of Quasar Energy) permission to accept Class B biosolids at the 9.2 million gallon storage pond at the Wiles Pond in Canaan Township. After the citizens of Canaan township addressed their list of concerns, our current representative replied by hearing the issues and siding with the Buckeye Biogas.

In 2020, the DeWine Administration has released a plan about Ohio’s clean water. 


Our current representative is taking aim at public water systems in Ohio by being the primary sponsor of H.B. No. 427:

– “the director shall not require a public water system that was in operation prior to the effective date of this amendment to provide treatment for secondary contaminants. However, the director may require such treatment if the level of a secondary contaminant exceeds any health advisory limit established by the United States environmental protection agency under the Safe Drinking Water Act.”

– “As used in division (E) of this section, “secondary contaminant” means aluminum, chloride, color, copper, corrosivity, fluoride, foaming agents, iron, manganese, odor, pH, silver, sulfate, total dissolved solids, and zinc.”

total dissolved solids = dissolved poop from your fellow citizens. Sounds appetizing and safe – doesn’t it?