While Wooster City Schools pushes hard to keep their staff safe from COVID19 and feeding its children, while school is out, Republican legislators at the Ohio Statehouse are pushing a bill to extend school vouchers.

Wooster receives $2,342 per student in state funding. EdChoice Scholarships are $4,650 (grades K-8) and $6,000 (grades 9-12), respectively. Local Wooster taxpayers would fund the difference ($2,308 and $3,658) to pay for students’ private parochial school tuition. Other Wayne County school districts face similar forced deficit spending.

Our current representative doesn’t seem to have a vested interest in our public schools, and strongly supports school vouchers and the idea of taking money from public schools to the benefit of private schools. The Ohio constitution states that money is appropriated for the common public good [only]. Parents can have the “right” to send their children to private schools, but public monies, according to the Ohio Constitution, are not to be used to cross constitutional or common-sense considerations.

As your representative, I will not only fight against vouchers but fight to re-establish school funding that has been lost in recent years. I am in support of Hb 305 which will provide:

  • Additional funding to both urban and rural districts with higher numbers of poor students and low property wealth
  • Phase in the formula over 6 years
  • Has the backing of 66 reps (⅔ of the House)
  • July 1, 2020, begins 6-year implementation
  • Meets all the requirements of the DeRolph decision: “regardless of their local property tax base, all districts should have sufficient funds to provide quality education.”